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Robocop Costume Jumpsuit for Men with Helmet



Thankfully, you'll have more than 20 seconds to comply while browsing this page of 80s Robocop Suits. In fact, you can take all the time you need, as their are no ED-209 droids lurking around here - thank goodness!

Become the iconic 80s law enforcer (the robotically enhanced Officer Alex Murphy) in this awesome, officially licensed Robocop Outfit by Fun Costumes, which is based on the look in the 1987 movie - you'll certainly turn heads at any costume party. Included is a full jumpsuit with armor print on the arms, legs and chest. Also included are foam boot covers and the foam headpiece which is light and comfortable, and features a chin guard and visor.

So, if you feel you're ready to rid the streets of crime, then grab this costume and pretend you're in a Dystopian future in Detroit. However, we don't actually recommend actually fighting crime in it, of course, that would be just plain stupid!

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