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Miami Vice 80s Costume Accessories


Create a Miami Vice Costume

On this page, you'll find every clothing accessory you need to create a Miami Vice costume, as well as ready-made costumes.

To look like Sonny Crockett (played by Don Johnson) in the exotic 80s cop drama TV series, you basically need a pastel or white, Italian (Armani) suit or jacket, a pastel colored T-shirt, and some white loafers, and remain sockless. Add some imitation Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses to complete your look. A Ferrari Daytona or speed boat is optional! 

Obviously, for a one-off party costume you'll probably want to avoid brand names, and opt for a basic white suit or jacket instead, and you'll find some great options below.

Rico Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) usually wore a darker suit, and often (but not always) wore a shirt and tie, again with white loafers.

The cast of Miami Vice (fair use photo)

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