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Michael Jackson Costumes

The king of pop reached his peak during the 1980s with the release of the mega-selling Thriller and Bad albums. Recreate his unique style with one of these costumes and accessories. We have picked the best items with good customer feedback. These outfits and accessories are ideal for Halloween, 80s, pop musicand, of course, Michael Jackson themed parties and events.

From the UK? Many of these items are available at Amazon.co.uk

We have linked to Amazon U.S.who have one of the biggest ranges of Michael Jackson 80s outfits available. However, it's well worth checking out ebay who have the lowest priced outfits on the web due to the high number of competing costume suppliers. 

Best Rated Michael Jackson Jacket

This deluxe Beat It jacket for adults and teens is receiving excellent customer feedback and really looks authentic. It's not cheap, but in terms of customer satisfaction and quality, you can't beat it!


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