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Prince Purple Rain Costume with Wig

Prince Purple Rain 80s Costumes

Can you imagine what the 1980s would have been like without Prince Rogers Nelson? No, me neither! On this page, we will help you find the very best Prince Purple Rain costumes, allowing you to become the flamboyant and iconic pop star.

Best Prince Costume - Our Top Choice

In terms of customer feedback and style, this Purple Artist costume is our No.1 choice for adults. This is a complete outfit which includes the purple jacket, ruffle dickie and wig. It's ideal for 80s and pop themed costume parties, and would also look great at Halloween. 

Prince Purple Rain Costume for Men or Women

Prince Purple Rain Costume

This outfit has an opulent look and includes the long, purple coat with faux silver buttons and flared collar. The customer ratings are mostly positive and the price is the lowest we've seen on the web. However, it does not include the Prince wig, so you will need to but this seperately. 


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